Fight Club – Friday 5-6pm @ Rayleigh

Sport Karate at Rayleigh

All ages, grades

We are pleased to announce that a new fighting class AKA (Fight Club) will be commencing on May 10th at Rayleigh Scout Hall, London Road, Rayleigh.

This class is a specialist class and is separate to the Traditional Karate classes that are currently offered.

Therefore, if you are on any payment plans, these lessons are not included

Please be aware that some classes may involve controlled sparring sessions and on occasions, accidents may happen and slight injury may occur, in an attempt to provide a safe and enjoyable training environment for our students, it is vital that students that participate in the classes have the appropriate equipment.

Packages available –

The Athlete – Kit includes hand mitts and shin and instep pads (choice of colour Red/Blue), Gum Shield £50 (required for students participating in our lessons)

The Competitor -Kit includes hand mitts red and blue / shin and instep pads as required by WKF, Gum shield, Chest shield – See instructor for details.

Here are some basic rules to get you started –